Logic will get you from A to Z ; imagination will get you everywhere.– Albert Einstein

We regard our Research & Development (R&D) capabilities as a vital component of our business strategy that provides a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage. With over 30 years of R&D experience, we have disciplinary R&D lab with cutting-edge enabling technologies for innovative research.

We have a pool of qualified R&D technical staff with a varied knowledge base and global exposure covering all areas of pharmaceutical research. Expertise in developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), and development of New Processes is a key strength acquired over decades of experience. Creative teams from R&D and business development generate innovative concepts and ideas which are aligned to synergies across therapeutic areas and business needs. The focus of R&D is on quality product development, keeping in view safety and efficacy of product.

Our capabilities lie in developing innovative, safe, environment-friendly and cost effective global technologies to deliver high quality APIs. The ability to develop difficult-to-make, complex APIs by using the latest technologies is the key differentiating factor of our research.

The instrumentation and analytical knowledge base at the R&D lab facilitate:

  • Process development.
  • Impurity profiling of products.
  • Development of analytical methods and specifications for raw materials, intermediates and finished products.
  • Development of Cost effective process used in production.
  • Validation of Analytical method.
  • Accelerated and real-time stability studies.
  • Processes developed for APIs have ability to comply with ICH guidelines.
  • Technology transfer to full-scale production.

Enterprise Resource Planning

At Alta we can focus on innovation by leveraging enterprise-wide technology to react quickly and cost effectively to all our customers’needs. We are able to save on costs and focus on innovative ways to improve our products by getting live data-driven insights and advise straight from our consolidated business program that covers the entire organization, from the factory floor to the customer. We are able to manage operations and increase efficiency from quote to delivery, and therefore gain from competitive innovation of products, processes and services.

Better coordination and greater visibility between all our departments allow us to emphasis one thing– innovation

All of this, results in high quality products and services delivered directly to our customers.