Quality is the hallmark of ALTA products. We ensure that all our products and processes adhere to stringent quality control standards at all times. Continuous improvement is an on-going process and this awareness is percolated throughout the organisation. All our employees have inculcated an attitude of complete ownership and responsibility for 100% quality compliance and customer satisfaction at every instance.


  • Understanding and meeting the customer’s precise requirements.
  • Exercising stringent quality control over incoming raw materials, in-house process intermediates and finished goods.
  • Continually innovating on products and processes to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Building strong partnerships with our customers through collaborative research, quality assurance and prompt technical services.
  • Offering a strategic product mix that will add value to our customers and create sustainable long term partnerships on a global platform.
  • Adopting the latest and most efficient technologies available in the market, to react quickly and be a lean and fast moving organisation.


is our motto at ALTA and we are committed to accomplish this aim

  • Studying and identifying customer needs.
  • Fostering customer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining consistency in process.
  • Continual improvement in products, process and quality management systems.
  • Creating awareness amongst its employees through regular training.
  • Following Good Manufacturing practices and complying with related statutory regulations.
  • Providing excellent laboratory facilities capable of undertaking tests and analysis of APIs, In-process and Finished products and employing competent personnel.
  • Sustaining our status of being pioneers in the manufacture of Salicylates and Parabens.